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Welcome to Fenix Athletica! We are a team of science-informed health coaches who are here to transform bodies and beings through science, connection, and soul. Our approach to fitness coaching fuses the science of health with the soulful side of wellness. 

Our online coaches go above and beyond to help you create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for you! We get to know you, your goals, schedules, routines, and lifestyle to truly understand who you are and help you achieve your wellness goals.

Science Informed Fitness Coaching

At Fenix Athletica, our fitness coaches have an educational background in fitness and nutrition. We make a point to stay up to date with the latest fitness industry, health, and wellness research. 

We also acknowledge that the application of knowledge matters more than research findings because most clients don’t perfectly fit into the results of a study, so we blend what health and exercise science says with a client’s real-life, lived experience to provide our clients with the best coaching experience possible. 

Our goal is to create an environment that’s supported by data while taking your unique life into consideration.

“I really wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all your help. From adapting for my breast augmentation to when I tore my ACL. Getting my macros from super low scary numbers to a healthy level, and then growing my body, helping me build muscle, and helping me get back on track to creating the body I desire. You truly have been amazing these last 12 months, and I am so happy to have taken this leap, accepted the insecurity, and ran with it, blindly trusting you. It, of course, paid off! I am roughly the same weight as when I started with you. However, I am so much stronger, and I can lift 40 more pounds on RDLs, 25 more pounds on bench, my squat (even after I tore my ACL) is 20 pounds stronger, and my pride and joy, my deadlift, is 80 pounds stronger! All of those numbers are for reps, too, not my max.”



How to Start Your Wellness Journey

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or improve your relationship with food, the coaches at Fenix Athletica can fuse science and soul to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall wellness sustainably and in a way that suits your lifestyle. 

The first step to starting your wellness journey with Fenix Athletica is to fill out an inquiry form so we can get to know you and your goals. You will then receive a FREE consultation call with one of our enrollment coaches to discuss your history and fitness goals. We will share with you the what, why, and how behind Fenix Athletica and provide you with different packages and pricing options to help you find the best training program for you!

“Working with Kira has been the support system I’ve needed for so long. Five years ago, I went for the quick fix with dieting and HIIT and took it to the extreme.… I started developing several different health issues all at once. I went to every doctor, specialist, and nutritionist looking for answers but continued to struggle to overcome these issues.… I definitely had some reservations since nothing else had really made a difference in my situation, but I decided to give coaching with Kira a try. I’m still early on in my journey, but Kira has been amazing to work with so far. She’s been a cheerleader in my corner since day one.… Kira laid out a training program as well as macro targets to hit, which was very different than what I’ve ever known…. I’ve already started to notice positive changes in both body and mind since working with her. I finally feel like I have someone on my side who truly understands me and truly wants to see me succeed.”



Can I Choose my Fitness Coach?

You are more than welcome to note which coaches you feel you gravitate towards! Our enrollment coaches also take your personal information into account to help pair you with the coach that’s the best fit for you based on their coaching style, lifestyle, and goals. You can feel confident that we'll pair you with the best fitness coach to help you with your fitness journey!

We also provide you with PDFs and videos from each fitness coach before your call for you to review so you get a better understanding of each of our online fitness coaches.

What’s Included in my Online Coaching Package?

All of the Fenix Athletica fitness coaches want to see you succeed! When you sign up for online coaching with us, you’ll have a Zoom call with your fitness coach to go over your information and create a map of what your wellness journey will look like while also explaining the why behind what we’re doing. 

We want you to feel empowered and involved in your journey because we know the only way to achieve your wellness goals is by having a sustainable plan that works with your lifestyle!

Programming for Nutrition and Cardio Protocol

You will have the option to use the science of macro tracking (using protein, fat, and carb targets) to achieve your goals and come to a better understanding of nutritional science. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance, we can provide you with nutrition guidance to meet your wellness goals.

If tracking macros isn’t the most supportive strategy for your fitness journey, we can also use non-tracking methods to help you achieve your goals. We’ll create a plan that focuses on food habits and hygiene-based approaches to track and improve your nutrition. 

Your online fitness coach will also provide a cardio protocol that aligns with your health and wellness goals. 

Weekly Check-Ins with Your Fitness Coach

Your online coach will help you evaluate your health and fitness using quantitative and qualitative metrics to ensure you’re on the right track on your wellness journey and make adjustments where necessary. 

They will look at the quantitative side and assess your calories, macros, measurements, and all the “numbers” stuff to check that you’re getting stronger, losing weight, or otherwise progressing toward your wellness goals. 

Your coach will also look at the qualitative side of your progress. They’ll look at your biofeedback (the language of your body) and teach you how to learn to speak with it. Your fitness coach will also look at what’s happening in your life and how that applies to your fitness goals, progress photos, etc. 

Your fitness coach will send you a Loom video with a detailed response to your check-in to answer any questions you may have and share any tips and tricks you may benefit from.

Personalized Training Program

If you decide to get training with Fenix Athletica, your fitness coach will give you a personalized training program and form evaluation. You’ll record your movements while you work out and submit them with your check-in to receive feedback from your online coach on how you can improve your movement patterns. 

Your coach will also provide you with mobility programming written by a physical therapist. This includes:
  • Two upper body day warmups
  • Two lower body day warmups
  • Two active recovery day, full-body flows

Warmups help decrease pain and the risk of injury. They also improve movement health and help you make more progress during resistance training. 

“You have really shown me how to be kind to myself when unexpected things in life happen. Pivoting from a fat loss goal to now simply having a healthy pregnancy and going through all of the adjustments required have shown me the meaning of going with the flow. Having you there throughout the entirety of that process so far has provided me with comfort in having a genuine support system and accountability partner, all while also educating and doing research with me on how we can rock this pregnancy in the healthiest way possible.”


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